Taking hold of the Wheel

Today I had my first ever driving lesson. And I didn’t crash! XD I’m so proud of myself today as I have never drove a car before so how far I came today made me so happy. I just hope that I can continue my success in my lessons.

Today it’s going to be a short post as I’ve just been hectic but I have something I want to let you all know. Thank you for everyones kind messages after my dad was rushed into hospital yesterday. Thankfully today the doctor said that the only things could help him was rest and medication, he also said that because of that he can come home. So tonight I’m sat down on the couch arguing with my dad. I want to watch Casualty but my dad says he’s had enough of hospitals , I hoping I can win him round by cooking him some pancakes 😉

All Corners of the Globe

So I was looking at my stats yesterday as I was browsing around and looking I found I had a few views. What blew my mind was that the views were either from Australia or the USA. I live in a teeny tiny country called England, so to see that people were viewing my blog from thousands of miles aways blew my mind. Everytime I get a notification of my phone I’m over the moon to see someone else is following my blog. I never thought when I set this blog up that ten people would follow it let alone 32. I’m just so grateful to every single one of those followers because the truly warm my heart and make me smile!


Thank you! :)

I’m so proud of myself I managed to schedule a draft post to publish yesterday because I knew I wouldn’t be able to come on here yesterday 🙂

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, sent cards, got me presents or came to my party. Everyone made my birthday amazing. I’m very thankful that people went to such extents to make my birthday amazing. I just wanted to show you my cakes because my family and friends made the two best cakes. One is a photoshopped image of my favourite celebrity kissing my cheek. My second is of the Titanic because I’m a bit obsessed.